UPI Manufacturings Flow Mach 3 Dynamic dual bed (90,000 psi – 100 hp pump) waterjet with active tolerance control and ultra-pierce capability brings waterjet cutting to a new level. With bed capacity of 6.5 feet x 25 feet. With cutting thicknesses up to 14.0 inches that gives us the ability to stack material and provide multiple parts with 1 cut.  The combination of precision speed and pressure allows us to deliver quick and versatile parts to our customers at a cost competitive advantage.


While utilizing part nesting software for part layout gives us the ability to eliminate material waste while providing precision accurately cut parts.


Through the years UPI Manufacturing has become experienced in cutting a vast variety of material such as: Armor, Steel, Aluminum, Manganese, Titanium, Glass, Brass, Plastic, Phenolic, Carbon fiber and Fiberglass along with various types of Composites. Waterjet cutting is a great solution to cut materials without damaging its integrity or properties.

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