As an ISO Certified award winning tier 1 Government Military supplier, UPI’s Quality Systems are based on meeting and exceeding the Customers expectations.  Our primary quality lab represents the heart and soul of this philosophy.  Equipped with extremely advanced technology, software, and hardware and coupled with highly accurate instruments, machines , gages and tools, we can insure our product conformance to our customers with the highest standards.


UPI’s automated vision system has the ability to measure the width of a line on a drawing within .0003 without touching it.  Our fully automated programmable CMM measuring 48" X 95" X 40" in size, is capable of scanning and measuring products to within .00003 of an inch.  Our CMM is also equipped with a Zeiss ViScan camera combined with the RDS rotating head, it permits measurements in all spatial directions. Our Vast XXT scanning sensor can also measure in infinite directions with both touch trigger probing and scanning, it is capable of taking up to 6,000 points per inch.  Combine everything with the Calypso Software, UPI is capable of measuring just about anything.


Through the implementation of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and continuous improvement along with our in-house 6 SIGMA Black belt, UPI also performs First Article Tests (FAT), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR).

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